#ThoughtPourEleven //What stands in between?

#ThoughtPourEleven //What stands in between?

What stands between a man’s obscurity and clarity? Merely mistaking their own level of abstraction for profoundness.


#MusingThirtyOne //old flames.

#MusingThirtyOne //old flames.

And since the light,

as if too proud

refused to make love

to the yearning recesses,

and the unfrequented retreats,

the silhouettes, like old flames

would keep them company.

Yet they said,

when in the night

die the candles,

there in the dark


the scandals.

#MusingThirty //as everyday, as forever.

#MusingThirty //as everyday, as forever.

My sweet, 

come see me, 

as the skyline will bleed at the seams,

the colour of molten crayons.

I will wait in desperation

as sweet as harmony, 

with hair like a cloudy day 

and thoughts

like a developing polaroid.

Let it be our last embrace,

that shall cease never.

And render it into something 

as everyday,

as forever.

#ThoughtPourTen //ice-teas and thick shakes.

#ThoughtPourTen //ice-teas and thick shakes.

When I think about myself, in my safe haven, I see myself sitting here in a booth at the little downtown cafe we both love. I’ll be sipping my lemongrass ice-tea and you’ll probably struggle at finishing your thick shake. I’ll look at you and laugh because you’re a goof. You’ll wipe off your milkshake moustache and smile back. And in that moment, I swear my heart will be full.

#ThoughtPoursNine //for the show that is you.

#ThoughtPourNine //for the show that is you.

That is the thing about kindness. It is hard. You might be doing it right for the best part of your life. But one little slip just because you decided to do right by yourself, for yourself, just for this once, and even before you can blink, the jury is out. They will tear at you and judge you just because for once, you put yourself but anybody, first. And yet, only the cruelest and the most morally questionable people get the front row for the show that is you.

That is the thing about kindness love. It is almost impossible in this world we call ours.

#ThoughtPourEight //All in our hands.

#ThoughtPourEight //All in our hands.

I have realised over the time, that it is all in our hands. That people will treat us in all sorts of ways. Nice, not so nice, better that the ones before, or maybe even worse. But one thing about the kind that treats us like we’re trash, is that if we won’t do anything about it, at a certain point, it stops being their fault. And it starts being ours.