Thought Pours



God gave me a little flair for writing as an apology for making me as socially awkward as a penguin (in sand).

My personal space is basically a series of events that includes reading, writing and mulling over things, in no particular order.

I believe that nothing in the world is a cliché, and at the same time, almost everything is.


This blog was created solely for the purpose of preserving the beauty and the art of writing.


“If the mind could see, poetry would be a sight for whenever those eyes would be sore.”



A musing is like the child of my contemplation. It is as if a seed cracks the earth of my brains and sprouts like a little sapling, growing into ivies of thoughts as I mull over things. 

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~Thought Pour~

A thought pour is like a clear stream of river. Or to be more precise, like a waterfall. A current of freely flowing thoughts I cannot control, devoid of any restrain, any malice. Purer than the mist or the morning. 

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